May 2015

Greetings fellow humes,

First! Cursed Hebenon has a new release!  Abu-Dokhan is harsh noise databending as good as it gets. Four tracks, all composed by converting photographs of the martyr’s portrait of Hezbollah’s Imad Mughniyah into audio files, two of which are pure open-source software-based compositions, two of which are recordings of an improvised live set based on databent samples. And it’s available as a limited edition cassette! Download for free.

Second! dev/zero finally has physical releases again! The complete dada-meinhof and the complete Cursed Hebenon catalogue are available, ans is the awesome Music of Dirk de Bruyn!  Everything can be purchased at gigs and from the dev/zero bandcamp store. All titles are just five bucks plus postage!

Third! There are gigs!

* Cursed Hebenon plays Brisbane on 24th May as part of Anti-Bigot Fest! The unsinkable Gerald Keaney and the Gerald Keaneys, Julia R. Anderson and the Johnnys and Introspective are playing as well. Where? Beneath William Jolly Bridge (the West End side) at 1 in the afternoon. There’s a Facebook page. There’ll be zines, anarchists, anti-bigots, noise music, psyche and Gerald Keaney! (Actually, probably more than one.)

* Nat Grant and David Kimball are playing Melbourne’s Make It Up Club on 9th June. Nat Grant will be playing music, David will be projecting light and making noise with it – that’s right, noise from light! (It’s like databending, but with live signal.) Check MIUC’s page for details – it’s Australia’s longest running improvised music club, more than 500 shows and going strong.

Over and out,


Improvised, aleatoric, experimental and obscurely underground art.